June 10, 2013

ARTICLES / STUDIES: Younger Parents Don’t Stress Over Kids’ Excessive Media Use

In today's technology world pediatricians, teachers and many parents express their concern about the effects of technology on children and their development. But a new study reveals a surprising tendency – younger parents don't seem to be worried about the potentially harmful effects of too much screen time on their kids.

While we can find numerous articles, blogs and websites, as well as various books dedicated on the issue of kids' excessive media use, younger parents who grew up with the TV, the computer and the video games don't give this matter much thought. Researchers from the Northwestern University in the U.S. looked at over 2,300 parents of children up to the age of eight and found that the majority of them don't worry about their kids' excessive media use. 78 percent of them said that kids' media consumption is not among the problems and conflicts within the family and 59 percent of the parents admitted they are not concerned about their children may become addicted to the new media. Study author and Director of Northwestern's Center on Media and Human Development, Ellen Wartella explained that she and her colleagues asked the parents what the main challenges of upbringing were. Most of the answers were related to kids' health, safety, exercise and nutrition. And sometimes media and technology were not even mentioned.

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