April 21, 2013

NEWS: UNICEF's New "Real Time Monitoring" Initiative Given a Boost by Animated Explainer Video

UNICEF recently turned to Hollywood based animation studio, Fire Starter Videos, to help them tell the story of their latest initiative.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

You can't act on information you don't have. That simple idea was the genesis of UNICEF's "Real Time Monitoring For The Most Vulnerable" (RTMMV) campaign. Every day volumes of data are produced by governments and corporations across the world to track financial and economic indicators. Yet, monitoring the well-being of vulnerable families and children is a much lower priority. So they decided to change that by examining innovative real time monitoring (RTM) initiatives.

In 2011, Yemen had been ravaged by civil war. The people there weren't getting enough food or clean water, and strife had led to massive unemployment. But, without the proper data, the extent of the damage couldn't be effectively addressed. A UNICEF-supported rapid survey got that data.

In Bangladesh, many pre-primary schools were performing poorly and in need of reform. There, RTM helped educators identify struggling students, improve teaching practices and even change national education policy.

In Uganda, stock outs of drugs and medical supplies were widespread and prevented citizens from getting help. A RTMMV solution empowered public health workers with RapidSMS technology so that they could report on stock levels and usage rates using their own mobile phones. Now the information gets to the right people, helping to save countless lives.

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