January 8, 2013

ARTICLES: Should kids get digital pocket money?

As a child, I spent my pocket money on all sorts of stuff: Star Wars figures, Panini football stickers, umpteen boxes of Nerds sweets, Smash Hits, buggy £1.99 C64 football management games, and what remains the world's worst collection of 7-inch singles.

Happy days. But in 2013 as a parent of two young children – three and five years old – I'm starting to think about pocket money again, and how it might have changed.

The five year-old gets a pound a week, nominally tied to whether he's got dressed without a fuss in the mornings. The three year-old doesn't get money, but if he's been (relatively) good at bedtimes, he gets a couple of small toy cars or a magazine on Saturday.

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