December 25, 2012

WORKSHOPS / TRAINING: Ethical reporting on children (TAJIKISTAN)

The first series of training for practicing journalists organized by the Union of Journalist of Tajikistan under UNICEF support took place in Dushanbe and brought together around 25 journalists from various media agencies.

During two days in 20-21 December, the participants discussed how media presently reports on children in Tajikistan, where it needs improvement and what principles of ethical reporting on children require from journalists. The seminar also invited experts on child care and juvenile justice system to present opportunities and challenges about issues related to children. Based on the presented issues, the participants had some theoretical and more practical sessions to demonstrate ethical reporting on children and best intention of ethical reporters – serving the public’s interest for truth without compromising the rights of children.

“Sometimes the act of reporting on children places them or other children at risk of retribution or stigmatization. We – journalists, when in doubt, should be cautious and protect the children from any harm,” stressed in his opening speech Akbarali Sattorov, Chairperson of Union of Journalists of Tajikistan.

As planned, the next seminar will take place in Soghd (northern part) in December 27-28, 2012. Early next year, the practicing journalists in other regions of the country, including provinces of Khatlon (southern part), Rasht (central part) and Mountainous Badakhshan (south-east) will also benefit from this training and will have an opportunity to exchange their views on existing issues related to ethical reporting about children.

Photos from the training are here:  Training on "Child Rights and Media" in Dushanbe

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