November 6, 2012

WORKSHOPS / TRAINING: Workshop motivates people (PACIFIC REGION)

MORE than 20 participants from around the Pacific were part of a one-week UNICEF OneTalk4 All workshop at Tanoa Plaza in Suva.
The aim of the workshop was to get people talking about issues concerning youths within the Pacific region and finding ways to solving those issues through the support of the media.
Participants got achance to express their concerns on violence, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), non-communicable diseases and education and how they can get youths to be more aware of the issues.
Beiateta'ake Burabura of Kiribati said she had learnt a lot during the one-week workshop and it had motivated her in creating awareness on issues such as violence, education and STIs in her country.
Ms Burabura said she would surely make a difference when returning to her country as she would present everything she had learnt through the radio station.
"We got the chance to produce radio jingles and TV production ads, which portrays the importance of education," she said.

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