November 2, 2012

ARTICLES / APPS / IT / NEWS: Teenage CEO of Summly wants to 'Cliff Note' the news

Even in a Silicon Valley flush with young college dropouts, 16-year-old Summly CEO Nick D'Aloisio's age is still an attention grabber.

And despite his age, or maybe because of it, he's perfectly comfortable with reincarnating his product -- technology that can automatically summarize information -- as needed. D'Aloisio's company released a news reading app today that summarizes news articles, creating a sort of CliffsNotes for the news, for the iPhone.

It'll be the second time the London-based teenager has repackaged his product, and this time he did it because he feels like the consumption of news on mobile devices hasn't been properly addressed.

"I'm just frustrated with all the aggregators and apps that, to be honest, that's just taking this full content and shoving it down your throat," he said.

The news-reader space is a crowded one, with apps like Zite and Flipboard encouraging the personalization of news as a way of filtering out irrelevant content. But, D'Aloisio said he doesn't think any existing apps go far enough to address the needs of mobile readers who are flooded with content constantly, particularly his generation of on-the-go citizens who don't want to wait for full articles to load.

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