September 28, 2012

NEWS: Social Good Summit panel debates the Web, social media, apps and handsets in service of A Promise Renewed

MP Nunan and Rebecca Obstler

NEW YORK, United States of America, 25 September 2012 - UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake asks you to imagine a football stadium. But he asks you to think about it in terms of child mortality.
“We have cut child mortality by 40 percent since 1990. Some countries…have cut it by over 60 percent. And that’s great news,” Mr. Lake said.
“But the fact is that, today, 19,000 kids will die,” he continued. “Just imagine that a football stadium or Madison Square Garden full of those kids, who are going to die today.  If they were all there, and the world knew – we could see them – do you think the world would be paying even more attention than it does now? I think it would.”

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