August 30, 2012

SOCIAL MEDIA / ACTIVISM: HIV/AIDS awareness spread throughout social media

Young people throughout the Caribbean have participated in an online video competition to help spread the message of safe sex to prevent the spread of AIDS and HIV.

In an attempt to address the growing numbers on HIV/AIDS cases in the region, the non-profit organisation PSI Caribbean hosted a region-wide competition to find its next “Got it? Get it” brand ambassadors. The competition opened 1 April, 2012 with PSI Caribbean asking Caribbean youth aged 18-30 to create three-minute videos based on the theme ”Getting to Zero”.

“We have rallied together and have made huge strides forward in research, prevention, and treatment of this disease. This has brought us to a pivotal moment where we are, for the first time, daring to voice the reality that we can turn the tide and end HIV/AIDS,” said Cory McCullough, social media manager for Trinidad-headquartered PSI Caribbean and its “Got it? Get it” youth brand.

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