April 3, 2012

ARTICLES / RESEARCH: Kids Spend Less Than 20% of Their Media Time Playing Video Games, Study Finds

It's become a well-worn truism over the past few years now that video games, far from being "just for kids," appeal to a wide and diverse audience. The average gamer is in his or her late 30s and has been at it for many, many years.
But what of the kids? The current 8-18 set are still out there, even if they aren't the sole focus of the industry. They're also the group that may grow up to be disenchanted with gaming. How much are they playing, in an always-on, games-on-every-device world?
The Kaiser Family Foundation, a non-partisan, non-profit research group, has been tracking childrens' media consumption habits for a decade, looking at how television, books, and video games fit into the lives of American kids in the 21st century. Their most recent report finds, unsurprisingly, that children are media multasking powerhouses, pulling in over 10 hours of consumption daily, in roughly seven hours of actual time.

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