February 13, 2012

ARTICLES: Teaching Kids To Shape Media

February 12, 2012, 12:11am
MANILA, Philippines — A connection between a global internship program and media education may be remote. But trust young Filipinos in contriving an appropriate link.
That is what a small group of Adamson University students figured out when their AIESEC chapter linked with the National Council for Children’s Television in spreading the gospel of media literacy in five heavily populated public grade schools in Sampaloc recently. Just armed with grit and bravura, the group led by Gerard Teodosio, 19, whose AIESEC job it is to forge workable external relations, convinced the education bureau in staging the project.
The group not only signed up NCCT but also enlisted the assistance of two foreign exchange students, Joy Zhang, 19, of China and Rieska Febriana, a 20-year-old Indonesian. Together, they mingled with and cajoled kids in Grade 4 and 5 of General Licerio Geronimo, Benigno Aldana, Trinidad Tecson, Moises Salvador and Benito Legarda Elementary Schools, all in the university belt. It was no ordinary feat engaging hundreds of enthusiastic pupils out to make the most of their furlough on campus.

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