December 15, 2011

NEWS / WORKSHOPS / ONEMINUTESJR / PROJECTS: Young women in India learn to express their views through film

By Anjali Singh

LUCKNOW, India, 14 December 2011 – Nineteen-year-old Laxmi Nishad had wanted for years to talk about the burden of caring for her five family members, including her alcoholic father. Her chance finally came at the OneMinutesJr. workshop organized by UNICEF in Lucknow, India.
Along with 14 of her classmates from Prerna Girls School, Laxmi was given the chance to create a one-minute video about her life, which she titled ‘Me and My Life.’

“My sister was just 11 months old when my mother died, and my father, who drinks all the time, refused to give us any money or even look after us,” says Laxmi. “So it was my responsibility to help the family survive. I was just 13, and I began to work as a housemaid in people’s homes to earn money. But I always yearned for a proper home, and I finally found it at the Prerna Girls School, where I study in now. I wanted to tell people my story and now I did that through the OneMinutesJr. workshop.”
The OneMinutesJr. is an arts-based initiative that teaches young people how to creatively express their views through video. During a five-day workshop, video artists from the One Minutes Foundation help youth participants each create one-minute films.

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