October 17, 2011

NEWS / EVENTS: "Nothing is impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts" workshop for young journalists kicks-off next week

In a year when conflicts from all over the world have been constantly present in the media and the discussion about human rights has become more acute, the European Parliament is organising, with the support of the European Youth Press, its annual workshop for young journalists from the European Union.

"Nothing is impossible: Reporting on Human Rights and International Conflicts" has generated the interest of numerous young journalists from Europe. Sixty of them have been selected to take part in this event, taking place in the European Parliament in Brussels between 18-20 October.

Professional journalists, members of the European Parliament, representatives of media organisations and of human rights organisations will meet young journalists next week to look at questions like: what is the relationship between the media and human rights? Can journalists be objective in conflict zones? How can journalists report accurately on human rights violations in conflict zones? The 60 participants will also work together to produce media on the topic. The final media outcomes of the event will be presented in a closing ceremony on the 20th of Brussels.

The young journalists will get the opportunity to come face-to-face with journalists who have covered conflict zones and learn what it is it like to be on the hot spots of the planet and depict the situation to the whole wide world. In a time when young journalists all over Europe have a hard time getting a full-time journalism jobs, this seminar will give them a concrete view of an area of the profession that is often seen as glamorous: war and human rights reporting.

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