September 16, 2011

NEWS / ONLINE SAFETY: Malta insists on better protection of children using digital media

Malta is not satisfied with the measures in place to protect minors using the internet, DVDs and video games and would prefer an EU-wide classification system for media content.

According to a monitoring report assessing implementation of EU recommendations on child protection in digital media, Malta’s legislation and awareness emerge among the best in Europe. However, the report says that the island’s authorities are not satisfied with the level of protection afforded at an EU level and would like to do more.

“Malta is one of a minority of member states that are in favour of pan-EU classification for media content as this is considered to be both helpful and feasible. At the moment, Malta feels that rating of all audiovisual content should be improved” an EU official said.

There are no common EU rules on classification and rating of audiovisual content and every country is free to set its own regime, as long as it respects international benchmarks.

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