September 20, 2011

INTERVIEW: An Interview with Erica Kochi on UNICEF's Tech Innovation

Recently, I interviewed Erica Kochi, who co-leads UNICEF’s Tech Innovation efforts. Kochi is tasked with helping UNICEF programmes integrate and strengthen their work using technology. Working with partners in academia, development, and the private sector, her work’s mandate includes connecting the wired and unwired worlds, streamlining distribution and reporting, and improving the efficiency and reach of messages.

Rahim Kanani: How did you get involved in working at the intersection of technology and social change?

Erica Kochi: In 2007 I had just started a new job at UNICEF where I was tasked with fostering new types of partnerships that would bring value to the organization. I was fortunate to have a lot freedom to define what this meant. For me this meant working with partners to explore how appropriate technology could help deliver better results for children and women in underserved communities. I decided to focus my efforts here because for the first time – technology for development – had become feasible given the reach and affordability of mobile phones.

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