June 6, 2011

NEWS / ARTICLES: Children’s media trainings expanded (PACIFIC REGION)

MORE than 110 children in the Western Province are now able to use communication skills learnt from basic communication training.

The children were from the Save the Children child clubs of Vella la Vella at Paramata and Leona, Simbo at Masuru and Nusa, Munda at Kokeqolo and Dunde, Rarumana at Vunerima and Suitonami and Gizo at Pailoqe and Mile three took.

These children were recipients of these skills after Save the Children Child Club Advocacy Project (CAP) decided to expand its media project component to children in the provincial areas.

The training funded by Save the Children and AusAID was conducted by Honiara based CAP media officer Aldrin Peloko assisted by Save the Children CAP team leader in the Western Province, John Lilo.

The aim of the project was to build the child club members capacity, media skills and communication to produce simple media materials that will help advocate for children's rights.

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