May 30, 2011

NEWS: Young reporters' network empowers youth to be heard in Tanzania (AFRICA)

By Jacqueline Namfua

DAR ES SALAAM, Tanzania, 27 May 2011 – Modest, 17, has been living on the streets of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro Region for the past 14 months. Despite his grim upbringing and current situation, he has found a way to get his story heard and learn new skills – by joining the Young Reporters Network.

Gaining a voice

“I am really happy with this radio training, because it has helped me understand the position I am in now and my future potential,” he said. “It has enabled me to meet many people. I have learned to operate a recorder, and also to conduct an interview and create a talk show.”

Child rights hardly feature in the mainstream media and the voices of young people remain significantly muted in Tanzania, even though they face a multitude of challenges and obstacles to their growth and development.

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