February 21, 2011

ARTICLES: 'The Media Must Stop Violating Us' - Children (SOUTH AFRICA)

In a special submission to the Press Council this week, children spoke of how the news media further perpetuates the abuse and violation of children's rights.

Two primary school children, just one year short of being teen-agers, braved the small crowd of adults at Wits University to speak on behalf of fellow South African children. Their presentation at the start of hearings by the Press Council of South Africa highlighted the mistakes done by the media when covering children who have been abused, raped, harmed physically, emotionally, and so on. Citing examples but not naming where the stories originated from, the children decried a tendency in some media to expose the identity of children who have suffered abuse.

"They took a picture, but they blurred it. But they mentioned the child's father and mother, which indirectly if you know the child, you know that it's him or her. That's one of the examples of abuse", said Brendan Molotsi, a Grade Seven leaner at Park Senior Primary School, in Johannesburg.

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