January 12, 2011

NEWS: Young Reporters 2010 join Brussels’ press pack

Thousands of people marked the occasion of the European Development Days in Brussels in early December 2010. A string of VIPs – from the Belgian heir to the throne to European, Middle Eastern and African premiers – sat in on debates and answered questions about the future of development issues. The key question? Who is going to pay for future development around the world.

Among the participants of course were many journalists, covering various different issues. Together with the usual Brussels media pack, 33 young journalists from all over Europe were also determined to make the most of the occasion. Picked as the winners of the inaugural Young Reporters Against Poverty (YRAP) competition, they won the opportunity to participate after submitting exceptional articles dealing with development and poverty issues as part of the Europe-wide student programme.

During the course of the Development Days, the young reporters were charged with reporting live as the event unfolded. They did so through articles, comments, observations, notes and made films, photos and tweets, all submitted to the unique YRAP online platform.

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Young Reporters Against Poverty 2010, Brussels from European Journalism Centre on Vimeo.

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