January 26, 2011

NEWS: UNESCO Anticyberbullying Charter opens to other signatories

The Anticyberbullying Charter is a project organised by the Junior Language School, Prague, Czech Republic and their twin school, Elena Farago School in Bucharest, Romania.

Children of both schools monitored cyberbullying in their schools and respective countries. Then, in peer-to-peer programmes, pupils discussed the phenomenon and blogged and video-conferenced on the subject, resulting in the drafting of a bilateral charter against cyberbullying. The charter has been added to with pictograms, posters and other materials. Pupils in both schools were invited to sign the document, and so far more than 60 per cent of pupils (aged 11-15) have done this. The document was then officially signed on 10 December 2010 under the auspices of UNESCO, with various honorary guests from ministries and participating bodies.

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