January 25, 2011

ARTICLES: A younger perspective at Davos

By Trevor Dougherty

Most of the sessions at the World Economic Forum's annual conference in Davos will focus on the future and how it can be bettered, so naturally, a topic of discussion is the "next generation." How will their consumption patterns change? How will they contribute to society? How will they use technology? How will they lead?

Among the Davos crowd, better known for its executives and politicians, is a group of people who can offer real insight to these questions. They possess a profound knowledge of kids these days, because, drum roll please... that is exactly what they are. Meet the British Council's Global Changemakers, five teenagers selected from five different countries to represent young people at the World Economic Forum. My name is Trevor, and I am one of them.

At Davos, we will have speaking roles in many of the forum's official sessions. As the only people under 20 at the event, the five of us feel a heavy weight on our shoulders to accurately express youth concerns. But I think that the established leaders converging at Davos also should have a considerable weight on them to listen to us. Our voices may not be as impactful as those of CEOs and heads of state, but I hope that they may help inform, at least in part, important decisions made by these individuals.

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