December 18, 2010

NEWS / OneMinutesJr: Lao teenagers get first taste of video making at OneMinutesJr workshop

Luangprabang, Lao PDR: December, 2010: Fifteen short films – each exactly one minute long – were the outcome of a workshop in this picturesque Lao town that gave a group of Lao teenagers a unique opportunity to try their hand at digital video production.

The workshop was the latest collaboration between the Netherlands-based One MinutesJr Foundation and UNICEF through which – since 2004 -- youth in over 80 countries have had the chance to unleash their creativity onscreen.

Stories about a stranded tuk tuk driver, a gilded puppet, and a young boy dreaming of running his own computer shop were among the finished films. Buddhist monks, a maker of traditional instruments and an animated family portrait also featured in the video productions which drew high praise for their creativity and technique.

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