December 9, 2010

EVENTS: Safer Internet Day 2011: Two months and counting...

Safer Internet Day is already in the air and, in a little more than two months, on 8 February 2011, the eighth edition of Safer Internet Day will be celebrated in more than 65 countries across the world.

This year, through the theme ‘virtual lives’ we invite you to discover how your real self survives the virtual experience.

In Europe and beyond, thousands of activities will be organised by our Safer Internet Day committees to reflect on the way people present themselves on the web, ranging from social networks and dating sites to online role-playing games such as Second Life and World of Warcraft. Staying online and being connected, whatever the circumstances, has indeed become critical for today’s youngsters. Not being connected frequently means social exclusion.

How do people shape their online identity? What is the social impact of these virtual identities on real life? In what ways is there a discrepancy between people’s identity in real life and what is shown online? All these questions will be at the heart of our actions. More information will be available soon on our website at

Join us in a real celebration of our virtual lives by registering online or contacting your national awareness centre. And don’t forget, “It’s more than a game, it’s your life!”.


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