November 30, 2010

PROJECTS: Workshops for children and youth - Lola Kenya Screen

Tue, 30 Nov 2010 -The Nairobi (Kenya)-based Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media movement for children and youth in eastern Africa is holding cutting-edge workshops in creative documentary film and critical writing in Nairobi this week until 4 December.

Presented in the framework of the pan African Cinetoile African mobile cinema network, these workshops that bring together 30 children and youth from Nairobi and its environs shall also mark five years since the founding of Lola Kenya Screen as an audiovisual media festival, skill-development mentorship programme and market for children and youth in eastern Africa in October 2005.

In the spotlight is the hugely popular learn-as-you-do skill-development method that has seen 142 children and youth from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe gain skills in creative and cultural entrepreneurship since August 2006. Sxty-one have been trained in filmmaking, and 24 in creative journalism training, 11 in event planning and presentation, and 20 in critical appreciation (judging) of film. Additionally 26 youth have been equipped with the skills to make television drama and documentaries for children and youth.

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