November 4, 2010

ARTICLES / EVENTS: Get involved with ''Media Literacy Week''

Reid Wilkins

Kids and teens consume and create an average of 53 hours of media in a week, and Concerned Children's Advertisers wants you to take the time to be involved during ''Media Literacy Week'', a week devoted to keeping kids "media-wise".

Concerned Children's Advertisers' Education Specialist Linda Miller says media isn't a bad thing, in-and-of itself.

"There's huge value in media," Miller explains. "I mean obviously that's where we get our information from, that's where children can get educated from a very young level, that's where we go to get entertained." She adds that it's about moderating how much media your children are exposed to.

"Interestingly enough only 30% of kids say they have any rules about media use in the house."

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