October 26, 2010

NEWS / AWARDS / ONEMINUTESJR: Youth filmmakers nominated for awards

NEW YORK/AMSTERDAM, 21 October 2010 – UNICEF and the One Minutes Foundation announced last week the nominees for the 2010 Oneminutesjr. Awards. The awards will go to the best one minute video made by a youth filmmaker in the past year. The awards will be announced online at www.theoneminutesjr.org on Wednesday, November 10.

There are three categories for competition: (Self)-Portrait, Inside-Out and One Minute of Freedom.

The films nominated for (Self)-Portrait are “Mama” by Wolf Artem (Ukraine), “Dear Dad” by Carlon Knight (Antigua), “Let the Past be the Past” by Swaba Tumusiime (Uganda), “The Gap” by Chris Ndamagye (Uganda) and “Greetings from Kosovo” by Suada Jahirovic (Kosovo).

The films nominated for Inside-out are “Taim Nogut” by Louisah Enos (Papua New Guinea), “Pride” by Jesse Russell (USA), “Paper Wings” by Nargiz Zeynalova (Azerbaijan), “Welcome” by Nikita Wade (Barbados) and “I Am Alone Now” by Ruth Henry (Barbados).

The films nominated for One Minute of Freedom are “Focus” by Ryan Forde (Guyana), “Hanoi Night” by Nguyen The Ngec Hà (Vietnam), “Wailea River” by Epironi Silimanabure Tulele (Fiji), “It Happened to Me” by Melania Dikoulia (Fiji) and “On the Last Drop” by Tolib Homitov (Tajikistan).

All videos were made by filmmakers under the age of 20.

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