September 29, 2010

NEWS / AWARDS / RADIO: UNICEF Radio wins New York Festivals Award for series highlighting youth voices

NEW YORK, USA, 27 September 2010 – UNICEF Radio has won a New York Festivals award for an online series that featured the voices of young people struggling to overcome difficult challenges in three developing nations.

With technology, training and audio equipment provided by UNICEF, the series empowered youth reporters in Southern Sudan, Liberia and the Philippines to tell their stories directly to a global audience. (To listen to the stories, click on the audio links at right.)

The series – presented as ‘Youth Voices from Around the World’ – won the New York Festivals Bronze World Medal in the Best Online Radio category. Each of the reports, which ran on from June 2009 through January 2010, provided insights into the perspectives of adolescents on the ground, including:

  • A 16-year-old in Monrovia grappling with the university fees he’ll have to pay to fulfil his dream of becoming an engineer
  • A sixth-grader dealing with the effects of typhoon floods that devastated metropolitan Manila late last year
  • A high school girl in Juba who is determined to become a pilot, even though it’s a highly unusual profession for a female in Southern Sudan
  • Another adolescent boy who lost his father in Sudan’s civil war and is struggling to pay his school fees while helping his family survive.
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