April 30, 2009

NEWS: Magic media for children created in Turkmenistan

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan - 24 April 2009

Turkmenistan education and health specialists, creative individuals, media representatives, members of the public organizations and children have produced a series of educational materials for children of pre-school age as a result of the five day workshop on promoting early childhood development through innovative media and materials. The workshop, organized by UNICEF and the Government of Turkmenistan from 20 to 24 April aimed at encouraging a diverse group of professionals to collectively contribute to enhancement of early childhood development by producing effective educational products for Turkmenistan children zero to seven years old and their caregivers.

“The results of participants’ expertise, creativity and diligence will benefit Turkmen families and children. Their work will be critical to improve caregivers’ skills to better care for children and increase their self-confidence, self-awareness and competence”, said Samphe Lhalungpa, recently appointed UNICEF Representative in Turkmenistan, addressing the participants at the opening of the workshop.

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