March 19, 2009

WANTED: Young video ambassadors for StrangerFestival 2009

WANTED: young video ambassadors for StrangerFestival 2009

What is StrangerFestival?
StrangerFestival is a competition and event for young video makers from Europe.
We organise video workshops, an exhibition and a festival in Amsterdam. We want young European video makers to upload their self-made video stories on to join our competition.

What is a Stranger ambassador?
You are aged between 16 and 26, make videos yourself and use the Internet to show your videos. You have an online network of other young video makers, and are willing to ask them to upload their best videos on You believe that sharing your self-made videos on the Internet is a powerful manner to show what matters to you.

We need you to get videos from your country or region.
We need 1 ambassador in each of the following countries: Germany, Poland, France, The Netherlands, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Belgium, UK and Finland.

Tasks of a Stranger Ambassador
- Recruit 10 videos a month for
- Administer a StrangerFestival page on your national video website
- Report to the StrangerFestival office on a monthly basis

For fulfilling the task of a Stranger Ambassador you are invited to StrangerFestival in Amsterdam 14-17 October 2009. We will pay for your travel and stay, and for your participation in the festival workshops. You will meet hundreds of other young video makers from Europe. Your video work will be exposed to other video makers and StrangerFestival partners.

If you think you could be a Stranger ambassador, please apply before 1 April 2009 by sending an e-mail to We want to know your age, your background and the address of the website where we can find your video network.

Everyone must be able to communicate in basic English and one other language (French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish or Finnish). On your own national website you can of course communicate in your own language.

More information
Go to or mail to


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