March 27, 2009

NEWS / PROJECTS: Third 'Voyage to the Future' launches in Manila

Third 'Voyage to the Future' launches in Manila

The latest in the ABU's 'Voyage to the Future' environmental documentary co-production projects was launched in Manila, Philippines, today.

The project involves 25 schoolchildren from seven ABU member countries who will make an 11-day journey around the Philippines to learn about the marine environment.

Their journey will be filmed by NBN-Philippines and NHK-Japan, and a documentary on their endeavours will be produced and distributed to ABU members.

Other ABU members participating this year are RTPRC-China, RTM-Malaysia, MNB-Mongolia, NBT-Thailand and Al Jazeera Children's Channel.

This year's 'Voyage to the Future' is the third in the series after journeys to the rainforest in Malaysian Borneo in 2005 and to the steppes of Mongolia in 2007.

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