March 5, 2009

ARTICLES: ‘Arab youth no different from others when handling e-media’

'Arab youth no different from others when handling e-media'

KUWAIT CITY, March 4: The Arab youth is no different from youth anywhere else in the world when it comes to engaging in the electronic media, according to Dr Adel Iskandar, a Canadian scholar on Middle East media who is in Kuwait as part of a 10-nation tour of Arab countries. Dr Iskandar was delivering a lecture on 'Youth Media in the Arab World' Tuesday to students and guests at the American University of Kuwait on the second day of a 3-day speaking engagement under the auspices of the Canadian Embassy in Kuwait. Youth media, according to Dr Iskandar who also delivered a talk on 'Intercultural communication between the West and the Arab world' Monday at the Aware Center in Surra, is, in his words "a broad brush stroke definition — an overarching term he says, that covers a huge territory; and that one can look at some aspect of blogging as a subset in the area of youth media production.

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