January 12, 2009

OPPORTUNITIES: Dosta! campaign in schools (UKRAINE, MOLDOVA)

The Dosta! campaign is inviting schools from Ukraine and Moldova to participate in a competition called “music against stereotypes” : set your mind in motion and make a creative song (music & lyrics) breaking down stereotypes and prejudices against Roma.


The School Music competition aims to promote successful songs, by giving visibility to the work of the selected participants through the Dosta! campaign website.


A jury composed of Council of Europe/European Commission and Roma experts in the field will select the best songs. Contributions will be judged according to their creativity and originality, as well as their capacity to convey the Dosta! campaign messages.



The competition is open to all schools in Moldova and Ukraine.



The jury will award the two best songs. The winners will be invited to a Festival “Youth and Art against prejudices” to take place before the summer.

The two best selected songs will be given a prize. The selected schools will be invited to record the song for being published on the website as one of the campaigning tools.


Song Requirements

Submitted songs should fulfil the following criteria:

·     Songs lyrics should convey a message of tolerance towards Roma and promote the main Dosta! Campaign messages: Go beyond prejudices, discover the Roma!

·     Songs must be submitted digitally either by post on CD-ROM or by e-mail;

·     Text of songs shall be submitted on separate word document

·     No copyrighted material may be used

·     School representatives must attach a written guarantee that use by the Council of Europe of the submitted songs will not infringe the rights of third parties (including the parties depicted).


Postal Entries

CD-ROMs should include Schools full name and contact details on the cover and be sent to the following address :


Council of Europe

School Competition – Mrs Isabelle Hofstetter

Agora Building, A3.33C

1 quai Jacoutot Strasbourg
F - 67075 STRASBOURG Cedex France

e-mail: Isabelle.hofstetter@coe.int




The Council of Europe has the right to use, reproduce, represent, publish, adapt, translate and distribute – or to have used, reproduced, represented, published, adapted, translated and distributed - in any country, in any language, in any form and on any kind of support, including on a CD-ROM or the internet, the deliverables, or any part thereof, submitted under the competition.


Closing Date

Songs must be sent to the Council of Europe not later than 20th March 2009.

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