January 23, 2009

NEWS: Children And Women First At NFI (NORWAY)

Children And Women First At NFI


At last week's annual Film Policy meeting in Tromsö, Nina Refseth, (photo) head of the Norwegian Film Institute said that her priorities for 2009 would be to stimulate the production of children and youth film and women representation in key film positions.
Nina Refseth - CEO of Norwegian Film Institute

2008 will be remembered as a record year for Norwegian films with a 22.5% domestic market share and two local titles among the five top grossing films: Max Manus and Kautokeino Rebellion. However among the 24 films released, only two were children and youth films: SOS, Summer of Suspense and the Nordisk Film & TV Fond supported Kurt Turns Evil. Those two titles didn't make it in the Top 20 whereas in 2007, four children and youth films were in the 20 biggest grosser and accounted for 33% of all audiences.

This year, four films for children will be released. The franchise film Olsenbanden jr og det sorte gullet (The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold) produced by Nordisk Film will open on January 30, but Norwegian kids will have to wait until the end of 2009 to see the 3D animation Pelle politibil går i vannet (Neofilm), and the two literary adaptations Julenatt i Blåfjell (Storm Rosenberg AS) and Knerten (Paradox Film).

"It's time to bring in new thinking in children's film," said Refseth.

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