January 7, 2009

ARTICLES: Libraries use video games to attract teens

Libraries use video games to attract teens

By Aaron Sudholt
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 3:12 AM CST

On a cold afternoon Dec. 30, Cole Haggard, 14, of Troy and his friend Mark Kaman, 13, of Glen Carbon were at the Glen Carbon Public Library.

But they weren't reading books, they were playing video games - and in the age of the Internet and big-box book retailers, that's exactly what the library wants them and other teenagers to do.

"The library is a community center," Library Youth Services Director Maggi Henderson said. "If we don't teach them to come here they'll forget about the library and do their research someplace else."

Every Wednesday, the library provides video games to any patron who wants to play them, young or old. It's part of an effort to bring in as many new patrons as possible.

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