November 17, 2008

Re: Play on Right to Information

Dear Friends

The performing media initiative of media matters presents:


Hindi; 35 mins

An effort in participatory theatre, the play provokes a rethink on issues related to right to information. The post-performance discussions with the audience create the space and opportunity to share experiences and to dialogue on the right to information act.

The play has been scripted and designed in a workshop process with a group of nine young people, both female and male, in the 17-26 age group.

We plan to organise performances to reach different groups and communities, both urban and rural. We also wish to join hands with like-minded organisations and networks to further strengthen the right to information movement.

Please refer attachment for details about the play and the basic requirements for hosting a performance.

For any further information, as also to learn about the performance schedule, please do get in touch.

Looking forward to working together.

Warm regards

Anju Uppal

Mobile: 9422075956

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