November 12, 2008

EVENTS / FESTIVALS: 6th Annual Videotivoli (FINNLAND)

Videotivoli is coming – are you ready?

Festival For Children And Young People In Tampere March 2009

Pirkanmaa Film Centre and Tampere Film Festival are organizing the fi fth
video event for kids and youth during the Tampere Short Film Festival.
Last year Videotivoli received more than 500 films made by children from
all over the world.

The purpose of Videotivoli is to give children and youth a chance to
show their thoughts and work in public without competition.


Choice of subject, category and style free. Maker(s) 16-year-old or
younger. Duration max. 10 minutes.

Deadline November 30th!

For further information, regulations and the entry form visit our web page:

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