October 17, 2008

PROJECTS / WEBSITES: Kyrnea International (FRANCE)

KYRNEA International and its plan "Passeurs d'images"

KYRNEA International is a Non-Governmental Organisation that ensures the national coordination of « PASSEURS D'IMAGES ». Launched in 1991 by the National Centre of Cinematography, “PASSEURS D'IMAGES” is a national plan for image literacy outside school time. It mainly focuses on young people with little to no access to cinema and video for social or educational reasons. Nearly 2000 projects are implemented annually : screenings, workshops, trainings, meetings with filmmakers...

“PASSEURS D'IMAGES” network objectives are :

    * showing another kind of cinema, different from the one transmitted by  the media and the movie industry
    * helping people get a better understanding of images (movies, video games, television) in their personal environment
    * developping social links within the territories where the activities take place
    * promoting projects the objectives of which are to highlight cultural diversity in Society in order to prevent social and cultural discrimination
    * training local partners connected with moving images literacy

A unique device in many aspects :

    *  the result of a policy supported by several ministries : Ministry of Culture and Communication, Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Health...)
    * Outside school time, this plan both adresses the public through screenings, workshops, and special fares and professionals by offering them adequate trainings
    * A dynamic and wide network : «Passeurs d'Images» rests on a network of more than 2000 cultural or social structures, covering 26 French regions, the area of Charleroi in Belgium, more than 400 cities and 300 000 people.

In 15 years time, "PASSEURS D’IMAGES" allowed its network members to become experienced in image literacy outside school time

Presently, the need for National and European networks to exchange and thus strenghten has become obvious.


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