September 4, 2008

NEWS/REPORTS/ICT: New study on children’s use of IT (SWEDEN)

New study on children's use of IT

For the second year in a row, the Swedish Helpline BRIS, Children's Rights in Society, conducted a study on children's Internet and ICT-related contacts. This has now been translated into English. BRIS is calling for improved communication between parents, other adults and children concerning children's experiences on the internet.

Among the contacts surveyed by BRIS, 2,750 were identified as internet or ICT-related. Constituting 47% of the contacts, romantic relationships and friendship were the most common topics. Anonymity on the internet has changed the way relationships with friends and love interests are played out. This can be a cause of distress for children who contact BRIS with issues such as safety when meeting an internet contact IRL (In Real Life), internet dating and long distance relationships.

The publication of photographs and video material, as well as the use of webcams, played a central role in ICT-related problems. However, BRIS points out that for the most part pictures and films are considered as something positive and a resource.

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