April 8, 2008

NEWS / ORGANIZATIONS: Malta Youth Press Club (MALTA)

Malta Youth Press Club

Local News -- 06 April 2008 -- 10:35CEST

A press organization, aimed primarily towards strengthening the role of youth media and freedom of the press in Malta is taking its first steps this month. The Malta Youth Press club is the first ever Maltese youth press organization for journalists and other media-related occupations under the age for 30.
MYPC members are also hoped to be in a position to participate in discussions about improved journalistic education standards and media policy making both in Malta and in the European Union as a whole.

The MYPC could open doors to youth journalists, granting them the opportunity to participate in EU-funded exchanges and traineeships. The endeavor is being supported by the Institute of Maltese Journalists and European Youth Press.

The first meeting will held later on this month.


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