April 13, 2008

NEWS / INTERVIEWS: "We capitalize on youth optimism"

"We capitalize on youth optimism"

It is Shantanu Narayen’s first visit to India after being crowned the top boss at Adobe Systems. The president and CEO of Adobe Systems Inc, an assignment that came after a decade of loyalty, technological insight and operational expertise at the global major, Narayen’s recent trip to India with other key managers remained largely closed door. He had just a few minutes to spare after he interacted with a gathering of some bright young minds at a rundown school near Adobe’s plush corporate office in Noida. On this occasion he was also slated to see some documentaries made by the students that highlight key issues concerning urban Indian society. Funded by Adobe’s global philanthropic signature campaign, Adobe Youth Voice (AYV), the documentaries were an eye-opener for the man about the country he left behind decades ago. Jyoti Verma puts the pieces together about his company’s mission regarding AYV and philanthropy in general. Excerpts:

What is Adobe’s strategy on community relations?

Adobe has a history of commitment towards community relations. Our role here has taken the company and its people towards regular donations, employee matching gift and volunteer programmes, philanthropy, et al. At the company level, we follow the 1% rule towards our monetary commitment to philanthropy. Showing a year-on-year growth, the budget allocated for social good is growing every year and making us get innovative and smarter. The attitude is helping us with a good flow of new ideas and suggestions and value additions on our running programmes.

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