April 11, 2008

NEWS / CHILDREN'S TV: Studio100 Teams with Turkish Broadcaster on Puppet Series (TURKEY)

Studio100 Teams with Turkish Broadcaster on Puppet Series

CANNES, April 9: Studio100 Media is partnering with Turkish Radio Television Corporation (TRT) on Big and Small, a new puppetry series.

The 52x11-minute series is being produced by Kindle Entertainment for the BBC, in association with 3J’s Entertainment, Studio100, YTV and now TRT. Delivery is slated for this fall, with Studio100 Media to handle the worldwide distribution of the series, except for the U.K. and Canada.

Aimed at 3- to 6-year-olds, Big and Small was created by Steven Andrew and Josh Selig, designed by Paul Andrecjo, written by Kathy Waugh and executive produced by Anne Brogan.

“Children’s programming is important for our profile of the modern TRT,” said İbrahim Şahin, TRT’s director general. “We believe that this co-production will help us to strengthen our portfolio, broaden our efforts and maintain our position as the first and only public TV broadcaster of Turkey.”

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