March 11, 2008

EVENTS: Second European congress on media literacy in 2009

Second European congress on media literacy in 2009 (Euromeduc)

In 2004, a European congress gathered the actors of media literacy in Belfast.
To pursue this process of exchange and reflection, the Euromeduc project organises a second European congress. Three thematic seminars prepare this congress. The Euromeduc project is led in close partnership with the European network Euromedialiteracy.

Led by four partners (Média Animation, the CLEMI, Zaffiria and the University of Algarve), Euromeduc implements a mechanism of exchange that gathers researchers, experts, educational managers and representatives of associations, as well as practitioners and specialists of European and extra-European media literacy. The aim is to promote the reflection on the implementation of media literacy from school right to the structures of continuous education, and to highlight the results.

Three specialised European seminars
The seminars will take place from June 2008 to February 2009 and will focus on three themes:

- Media production by young people and media literacy (Paris, 30 June – 2 July 2008)
- Lifelong Media Learning : innovative practices outside school (Brussels, 17-19 November 2008)
- Media literacy and appropriation of Internet by young people (Faro, 16-19 February 2009)

The seminars will analyse the European studies and programmes concerned. They will gather a maximum of 40 participants selected on the basis of their expertise and involvement in the theme under discussion. A system of grant will allow for financing the participation of small structures and practitioners. Each seminar will lead to the publication of a report to disseminate its result.

A European media literacy congress in Italy (Bellaria Igea Marina - Rimini, 13-16 May 2009)

The results of the three seminars will be used during a three-day congress that will address a wide audience (200 to 300 participants). A publication will include the conclusions and recommendations of the congress.

For more information: Euromeduc

Euromeduc is a project supported by the European Commission.

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