February 6, 2008

RESEARCH / NEWS: Social networking explosion poses a threat to youth groups (SCOTLAND, UK)

Social networking explosion poses a threat to youth groups

By Tristan Donovan
Children & Young People Now
6 February 2008

Youth groups risk losing out to social networking sites like MySpace unless they rethink how best to attract teenagers, a Big Lottery Fund Scotland and YoungScot study has concluded.

The study, seen exclusively by CYP Now, examined how young people viewed the relationship between online communities and community groups, such as youth and sport clubs.

While the 336 teenagers who took part said they were still interested in traditional community groups, many said they spent a lot of time using the internet, sometimes to the detriment of youth groups.

Gregor Urquhart, director of communications at YoungScot, said: "Existing traditional community groups still have a very large part to play and young people see them as important. But the new online communities do have advantages, particularly when it comes to convenience and money."


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