February 21, 2008

NEWS: Gaziantep Youth Joins Cafebabel Istanbul (TURKEY / EUROPE)

Gaziantep Youth Joins Cafebabel Istanbul

Our association founded on July 2006 in Gaziantep by the volunteer students of Gaziantep University. Despite the fact that Gaziantep has many possibilities for youth people and volunteers projects, there are not enough organizations for them. Although our association has been founded yet, it will have an important role to fill up this blank. Our target groups are children and young people.

The aims of the organizations are;

- Being organized between children and youth people by legal and juristic personality,

- Being situated between children and youth people in the process of management, decision and administration with the comprehension of equality,

- Researching the problems of children and youth people and producing solutions for the problems,

- Assisting in raising the conscious of children and youth people' rights,

- Providing the communication and cooperation between children, youth people and volunteer foundings,

- Constituting politics related to children and youth people and assisting in improving existing politics.

- We have 26 members in our association. Administer team of our association is consist of president, asistant of president, general secretary, education coordinator, financial coordinator, organization coordinator and public relations. Members have had experience from participating in national and international education seminars and organizations. President, asistant of president and education coordinator have got education seminars and trainings for NGOs on including »project cycle management«. In May 2007 we applied and accepted for the »EVS sending organization« as the second organization in Southeast Anatolia Region of Turkey by NA. You can see the details as the following link:

We have a project called »Media Apprenticeses« funded by Turkish NA starting in October 2007 that is about youth activities including publishing a monthly youth newspaper by themselves, reaching all young people by web site of project, conferences about media process, photo exhibition of young newspaper’s editors, workshops in project team with common education style and as a result provide young people to add an active social life and in Gaziantep. This project aims to brace dialogue between NGOs and young people, redound communication activities by media and its action area, contibute to improve solution ideas to youth problems and “young policies” during the project by having a foresight to European Young people and their parity.

Gaziantep Youth Union members, would like to take part social and politic discussions on Istanbul blog and other Cafebabel.com blogs by contributing articles. Also we would like to state that we will enjoy to support or join projects of other national or international youth groups, if it is needed.

Yahya Şimşek

Gaziantep Youth Union,

Cafebabel Representative


Cafebabel website

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