February 25, 2008

INTERVIEWS: Sprouting ideas for children's TV

Sprouting ideas for children's TV

Every day is a play day for Sandy Wax, president of the 24-hour children's channel PBS Kids Sprout.

Sprout, which targets preschoolers, was launched in 2005 and films each weekday in Philadelphia with almost 40 employees. It's a joint venture between Comcast Corp., London-based HIT Entertainment, the Public Broadcasting Service and Sesame Workshop.

Wax, a former senior vice president with Disney ABC Cable Networks, recently sat down for an interview on entertaining children, the YouTube trend among preschoolers and her thoughts on the new Comcast building.

Question: How many homes get Sprout?

Answer: We're in 37 million homes in the U.S., which is really unprecedented for a new cable channel launching in this environment.

Q: I understand you recently moved into the Comcast Center. How did that go?

A: We're about halfway up. And it's great. It's really a very bright and open and airy building. So we're loving it. We've only been there a week. . . . We shoot our live morning show in the actual building, down on the 24th floor, with our partners at Center City Film & Video.

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