February 22, 2008

EVENTS / FESTIVALS: Videotivoli (Finland)


The international children’s and young people’s film event, Videotivoli, takes place for the fifth time in the spring of 2008, 4.-9. March in Tampere. The films on offer are all shorts no longer than ten minutes long, made by children under 16.

Videotivoli has renewed and branched into several categories. The international section presents films from all over the world in screenings aimed at day-care children and comprehensive school pupils. For the first time ever Videotivoli includes a competition: Films by Baltic and Nordic filmmakers compete in various categories in Kids for Kids, an event co-organized with CIFEJ. Videotivoli also presents African stories for small kids and the thoughts and experiences of youngsters from different parts of the globe in special UNICEF screenings. All in all, there will be more screenings than ever before, so there is going to be a lot to see!

There is also a media seminar on Friday of the festival week.

Videotivoli is from kids to kids and from youngsters to youngsters. It is also from organizations to organizations. Videotivoli offers young filmmakers an opportunity to show their work and for media educators to meet each other.

Videotivoli is organized by the Pirkanmaa Film Centre, greatly helped by the Tampere Film Festival. Both the young filmmakers and the adult participants of Videotivoli will be able to enjoy the rich offerings of the Tampere Film Festival.


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