February 12, 2008

EVENTS: EU marks Internet Safety Day

EU marks Internet Safety Day

This year’s event focuses on the dangers of social networking

Andrea-Marie Vassou, Computeract!ve 12 Feb 2008

About 50 countries have joined forces to raise awareness of the online threats facing children and their parents.

The allegiance is part of the fifth annual Safer Internet Day, which takes place today and has been created by the European Commission.

Run by EU Information Society and Media leader Viviane Reding, this year’s event aims to educate children globally on the risks of sharing too much personal data on social networking sites, through school assemblies and youth meetings. It will also highlight the risks of befriending dangerous adults who chat online under the guise of other children.

To celebrate Safer Internet Day 2008, several organisations have also announced schemes that involve getting young people’s opinions on how to prevent the dangers found online.

The European Commission has organised a Youth Forum on Safer Internet in Brussels where 14- to 17-year-olds from the UK and the rest of Europe will meet to discuss issues related to their use of online technologies.

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