January 23, 2008

RESOURCES: New guide on 'citizen media' available

New guide on ‘citizen media’ available

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The Rising Voices Web site has released the first in a series of guides on interactive media. An Introduction to Citizen Media offers case studies on how people are using tools such as blogs, podcasts, online video and digital photography to engage in global conversations.

Rising Voices, an initiative that promotes citizen media, said that the goal of the guide is to show that anyone with Internet access can take part in the “emerging global conversation.” The guide’s first edition is available in English, Spanish and Bengali. Future editions will be available in Swahili, Malagasy and Aymara, the organizers said in a news release.

The guide in English (PDF format): http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/library/Introduction-to-Citizen-Media-EN.pdf. For more information: http://rising.globalvoicesonline.org/news/.

SOURCE: http://www.ijnet.org/Director.aspx?P=Article&ID=307146&LID=1

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