January 29, 2008

NEWS / ARTICLES / RADIO: 'Family Talks' broadcasts the message good health to Brazil

‘Family Talks’ broadcasts the message good health to Brazil

PALHANO, Brazil, 25 January 2008 – Principal Socorro Leni da Silva stands before the group of eager faces which have gathered in her classroom. On this afternoon, however, the room is not filled with her usual primary school pupils, but rather with their mothers. The women are waiting to be recorded for the UNICEF supported radio show, ‘Family Talks’.

Family Talks began in 2002 as an innovative experiment to spread community health messages through the medium of radio. The show features discussions with families on a wide range of topics, including child care, nutrition and breastfeeding.

“Through the radio, we transmit simple and helpful information, such as how to prevent diarrhoeal disease or prepare a rehydration solution,” said journalist Alessandra Oliveira, who moderates the discussions. “We also provide an opportunity for parents to talk about common difficulties and see how to overcome them together, as a group.”


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