November 27, 2007

NEWS / TV: U.K. Children's TV in Crisis?

U.K. Children's TV in Crisis?

Children’s television in Great Britain is in desperate need of government aid to stay afloat, according to Pact, a U.K. trade association that represents and promotes the commercial interests of independent feature film, television, animation and interactive media companies. The organization has issued a national S.O.S. and is petitioning the British government to take necessary steps to combat a perceived threat to the future of the industry.

Pact chief executive John McVay comments, “Parents place a high value on quality, home-grown kids’ TV, and they want a wide range of children’s programs provided by a variety of services, not just the BBC. As Pact has consistently warned, we are rapidly coming to the point where there will be no such programming outside the BBC to any significant level. The market is failing British parents and British children.”


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