November 6, 2007

AWARDS: Nominations complete for OneMinutesJr Awards 2007

*Nominations 2007 *
We are very happy to announce that our professional jury members Hiroaki
Sato (Japan), Francois Campana (France) and Danis Tanovic (Bosnia) in
collaboration with junior jury members Francis Wasser (Ireland), Tessa
Lof (The Netherlands) and Csaba Bene Perlenberg (Sweden) have selected
the final nominees for the One Minutes Festival 2007.

Best of the world:
Manneskeskikkelse by Hui Rose, Denmark
Minor threat by Iva Durovic, Serbia and Montenegro
Wind of change by Neli Decheva, Bulgaria
In the lonely park by Steven Swankay, Sierra Leone
Je m'exprime by Jakunze Fiston, Burundi
One Minute with Ataturk by Haydar Yurdakul, Turkey

Self portrait:
Never again by Erdzan Redzepov, Germany
in intersectie by Costea Cristian George, Romania
The making of by Naser Albashir, Jordan
ciento seis by Javier Garcia, Spain
Twillinger by Ingeborg Tryti, Norway
Flow by Joseph Fadel, Lebanon

Inside Out:
You ganda Sound System by dwelling places ministries, Uganda
Shut up by Maria Mauermann, Germany
Rakyp by Palvan Geldiyev, Turkmenistan
Stay with me by Khrystyna Dubnytska, Ukraine
Chiu by Jia-jun Chiu, Taiwan
Contrast by Tugba Ozer, Netherlands

selected by Danis Tanovic and Csaba Bene Perlenberg


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